What is the tier image?


I am setting up our first campaign, and see there is an area to add an image. Where will this image appear, what size should it be? I see this is different from the banner images.



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Hi Laura

The tier image is the image which illustrate the reward your advocate will be receiving for this tier. If your campaign has one tier, you would only upload one image. Whilst it isn’t necessary to have a reward tier image, it helps get your advocate interested in what you have to offer.

The best way to preview the embedded widget on your website is to:

  1. Activate the campaign from the Integrate section
  2. Go to the Editor > Your Website section and enable the embedded experience
  3. If you would like to hide your campaign, make sure to select the Hide Button option.
  4. Go to the integrate section and copy the Generic URL (at the bottom of the page).
  5. Paste the link in your browser, which will go to your website and open the referral program widgets.

There you’ll be able to opt in to the referral program as an advocate and view the rewards, where you will see the reward image that you had uploaded and how it fits.

Hope this helps but do let me know if I have missed on anything :slight_smile:

Happy to help,