Troubleshooting: when a customer asserts that they have not received their code

Usually this means one of the following has taken place:

  • If they are an advocate, their email was not received or in spam
  • If they a referred friend, they did not copy their code in the referral panel on your site, or they did not receive their confirmation email.
  • You have run out of codes.
  • Another problem in which case, please contact us so that we can investigate

How to troubleshoot with the customer:

  • Q: I have not received my discount code.
    • Did you refer a friend, or were you referred by a friend?
      • I referred a friend:
        • Check Shopify. Do they exist as a customer on Shopify
        • Yes → go to Advocates → search for the email of that person. Can you find them?
          • yes → click in the person’s email address to get their code
          • no → they have not referred a friend. Decide if to send a code anyhow (refer to policy if need be).
      • I was referred by a friend:
        • Ask for the name and email of the person who referred them
        • Go to Gather: Dashboard → Click on VIEW LIST under Total Successful Referrals
        • Can you find them there?
          • Yes → click on name to get discount code given and provide to customer.
          • No → go to Advocates → search for the email of the person who referred them. Can you find them?
            • Yes → click on Referrals.
              • Can you see the name of the customer there?
                • yes → click on customer to get their code
                • no → customer was not referred (either give them a code anyway or explain)
            • No → The person who referred them does not exist in the system
              • check the Shopify store to make sure that the person who referred them is in fact a customer.